Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Good Eats at Home

In the Castro you can make yourself at Home next to a roaring fire, on a comfy couch, with a delicious plate of comfort food for a price that leaves room in your wallet for a Home-made-dessert.

Home is known for its cozy dishes like the signature macaroni and cheese, spicy fried chicken, and banana bread pudding. All of the tasty food you crave on a foggy night in the city that brings you back to those memories of eating a hot meal at home.

When you walk in to Home the smell of gravy makes your mouth water. There are “Best of the Bay” and “Bargain Bites” awards, and articles that cover the entryway walls. A friendly host immediately greets you, and guides you to a small table, where instead of a chair you sit on a plush red couch.

The restaurant is decorated in an old country theme, with white wash walls, handsome hardwood floors, and red tea candles at every table. There are old-fashioned nick knacks and signs that read things like: “Corona Quality Ice Cream.”

To start the meal, Home has a selection of more than 40 different kinds of wine and a list of a dozen specialty cocktails.

The Homegirl is a fruity and delicious cosmopolitan with a champagne twist that goes down easy. It comes highly recommended.

The menu offers a wide variety of savory cuisine that caters to all different kinds of palates. There is a special everyday of the week, and the choices range from chicken potpie with “Home” made crust to cherry cola baby back ribs with macaroni salad.

Home also has an early bird special from five to six p.m., which is a three-course mail from a fixed menu and a glass of house wine.

The main menu serves American classics like the hearty meatloaf topped with heavy brown gravy, and accompanied by a side of sweet glazed carrots ($10.95).

Thick flavorful tomato soup that comes with a side of grilled cheese bites leaves you licking your lips for more and costs a modest $6.

If you like to spice things up a little try the Thursday night special: corn flake fried chicken smothered with spicy gravy, on top of a large helping of potato puree, with a side of sweet coleslaw.

Although all of the dishes are yummy, the best, by far, is the award-winning macaroni and cheese.

This mac ‘n’ cheese definitely did not come out of a blue box. The side dish or dish to share is made from small macaroni noodles mixed with white cheddar cheese, sprinkled with crushed breadcrumbs and chives ($6). Each bite is heavenly and temporarily causes you to forget your low-fat diet.

At Home dessert is a must. The assortment varies from a sorbet cookie bowl to black and white molten chocolate cake. Home is known for its’ killer banana bread pudding that contains the freshest ingredients and is made daily.

The peanut butter cup milkshake is heavenly. The ice cream that they use is “Home” made everyday and so is the vanilla whipped cream. The shake is mixed together and topped with huge peanut butter cups. If you want to splurge on dessert this is the place to do it.

There were only a few glitches at this restaurant. The service is friendly, but they are not always there when you need them and the restaurant is very load. The tables are so close together you find yourself talking over the table next to you.

All in all, if you are feeling homesick for a plate of comfort food, Home is just a few districts away.

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