Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Big Air Extravaganza!

Check out this multimedia piece I did on the Big Air snowboarding, skating, and motor cross event!

Pacifica Gets Big Air

The Big Air Extravaganza brought snow, skateboards and a 50-foot jump for motor cross riders to the parking lot of Sea Bowl, a bowling alley in Pacifica, CA. The event, which took place Sept. 22, was put on for local and professional talents to showcase their skills.

The crowd of about 3,000 ranged from professionals to families to fans. There were also amateur bands that played from 10 a.m. to 9p.m.

A kid’s corner was set up for families with an Astro Jump and a few carnival games while a mechanical bull and beer garden was set up for older audiences.

Rain threatened the festivities in the early morning, but no one seemed to mind a slight drizzle that lifted half way through the day.

“Those pros, they can ride on slush, ice, they can ride on anything as long as it’s slippery. They will kill themselves trying and people want to see wipe outs too,” said Aaron Wright, who is in charge of the video filming and making T-shirts.

Tait’s Boardshop put on the event along with sponsors Red Bull, Samuel Adams, and Hooters.

Prizes were divvied up by sport, with 50 snowboarders competing- for a $1500 prize. There was also a skate competition that took place on an amateur street course. The competition was judged by skating legend Christian Hosoi. The award was a cash prize of $500.

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