Thursday, September 8, 2011

In - sipration

it's funny how you find inspiration in the smallest of places. as a self proclaimed artists i find myself being snooty, think of my art as superior and thinking to myself that no one can teach/ tell/ show me more than what i am inspired by in my own being. my own compass that guides me, then the other day i am walking through my art class turning my nose upward and then i pass this girl. she has bangs in the front of her hair and a rat tail that has been braided in the back with everything buzzed in the middle, yet im not shocked and dont look away from her face, she has this very thoughtful peaceful sweetness about her, i look at her dark red paintings and feel a surge of being afraid, inspired and really relating to her. like we had a sameness, and then i realized that the art you seek in life is just a resonation of yourself in someone elses work. wow

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